Terms of Use

The illustrations distributed on this site can be used for commercial or personal purposes without any credit.

You are welcome to use them by yourself after processing and editing.

The copyright is held by the administrator, but
This does not mean that we have abandoned the copyright.

We are not responsible for any trouble that may occur when using the material.

Prohibited items

1. redistribution
2. sale of illustration materials (e.g. collections)
3. sale of goods

About 3.
You can sell your work as long as you are not using it as the main material distributed on this site.


All terms and conditions are
subject to change without notice.
Please be aware of this.



Sorry for the stiffness of the text.
I have written below what is available for use.

If you are not sure if it is safe to use, I would appreciate it if you could contact me through the Contact Us page.

Can be used for both commercial and personal purposes.

・Business cards
・SNS icons
・Eye catcher for blogs
・Make goods for your own use.
・Make goods to give as gifts to your friends.
・Games (mods, etc.)

You don’t need to contact me or credit me, but
I’d be happy to hear from you!